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About Us

Innovative Portfolios

Innovative Portfolios provides strategic investment solutions to financial professionals, RIAs, consultants and institutional clients. Our actively managed portfolio strategies seek to deliver outperformance in growth, income, or growth-and-income while screening to mitigate downside risk. We also use option overlays on top of traditional investments in an effort to generate additional incremental income.

With the goal of helping professionals maximize client returns, Innovative Portfolios offers you institutional-level money management strategies through:

All of our Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) can be combined with our flagship options strategy attempting to add income, depending upon client needs.


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Innovative Portfolios Approach

Our approach to money management challenges many traditional assumptions about investing. We are value-oriented and strive to avoid undue risk, yet we also utilize volatility for its potential to enhance returns. Our sophisticated research and technology screens equities based on multiple criteria, but especially downside risk—in efforts to avoid stocks more likely to underperform. We believe this approach, combined with our active portfolio management style, has demonstrated value over time and aligns with our investment philosophy.

Dave Gilreath of Innovative Portfolios
Ron Brock of Innovative Portfolios

Innovative Portfolios People

The Innovative Portfolios team is made up of experienced money managers—who provide strategy, research, advisory, industry expertise—and are dedicated exclusively to your success and satisfaction.

Meet founders Dave Gilreath and Ron Brock, who saw Innovative Portfolios as the next logical step in offering their particular style of investment strategies—this time by providing resources to financial professionals.

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