Our Team

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for asset allocation.

Innovative Portfolios is a team of experienced money management professionals who provide investment strategies, research, and advisory to registered investment advisors and other strategic financial partners.

Working with us gives you the benefit of our decades of experience as investment advisors. We work to understand your needs, as well as your clients’ needs. Not just when you first come to us, but throughout our relationship. We take pride in doing all the little things that let you focus on the more important client-centric aspects of your business.

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Executive Team

Dave Gilreath of Innovative Portfolios

Managing Director | Chief Investment Officer | Portfolio Manager

Ron Brock of Innovative Portfolios

Managing Director | Chief Financial Officer | Portfolio Manager

Audrey Bruch, CPA, of Innovative Portfolios

Chief Compliance Officer

Sales and Distribution Team

Christy Jordan of Innovative Portfolios

National Business Development Director

Peter Bjelopetrovich, VP Business Development, Innovative Portfolios

Vice President, Business Development

Paul Massie, CFA, CAIA, Intermediary Distribution, Innovative Portfolios

Head of Intermediary Distribution

David M. King, Institutional Distribution, Innovative Portfolios

Vice President, Institutional Distribution

Portfolio Managers and Traders

Seth Hickle of Innovative Portfolios

Senior Trader

Tom Kaiser, CFA, Research Analyst & Portfolio Manager, Innovative Portfolios

Research Analyst | Portfolio Manager

Wally Taggart, Portfolio Manager, Innovative Portfolios

Portfolio Manager

Operations Team

Angie Reecer, Chief Operations Officer, Innovative Portfolios

Chief Operations Officer

Kat Harper, Manager of Operations, Innovative Portfolios

Vice President, Operations

EricMcKenzie, Director of Operations, Innovative Portfolios

Director of Operations

John Gruber, Operations Manager, Innovative Portfolios

Operations Manager

Sheldon Hirst, Controller, Innovative Portfolios


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